What Is a One-Hitter for Marijuana?

These days, there are dozens of different ways you can consume cannabis. Gone are the days of the joint or pot brownie as the only options available to the avid marijuana consumer. Now you are practically stuck for choice. With joints, blunts, vapes, bongs, oils, topicals, and edibles, it is hard to know what to choose.

With such a variety of consumption methods now available, it means the way we enjoy weed is tailored to the individual’s needs. That is where one-hitters come in!

Not one for sharing? Or maybe you want to enjoy a quick buzz on the go? A one-hitter is the ideal option for the busy smoker. It is also a clear and upfront way of letting others know you’re not up for passing your stash around! One-hitters are a versatile cannabis consumption method that is quick, easy, and best of all – discreet!

What is a Marijuana One-Hitter?

A one-hitter for weed is a tiny pipe, which contains roughly the amount of marijuana needed for a single hit.

Pretty simple, right?

We recognize that cannabis is often a very social activity. However, for every person wanting to smoke with friends, there is someone who prefers to “stone alone.” One-hitters are the ideal option for that person!

Proper one-hitters come in a variety of materials, from metal to glass to ceramic. Nonetheless, the design is usually the same. The bowl is on one end and the mouthpiece on the other. Also, they light similarly to a cigarette for added discretion when out and about! The only thing a one-hitter design needs is to let you inhale on one end and burn the weed on the other.

Many one-hitters don’t include a carb (the tiny hole in the side of a bowl or pipe you cover when lighting up). This is because the small quantity of cannabis means it is unnecessary.

Who Might Benefit From Using a Marijuana One-Hitter?

As with any form of cannabis consumption, it is entirely down to personal preference. For example, a chronic asthma sufferer may opt for cannabis edibles over the traditional joint, for obvious reasons. Someone hosting a cannabis get-together might offer a bong or multiple joints instead of a one-hitter.

If you need a hefty dose of THC, a one-hitter likely won’t satisfy your requirements. You will need to repack the pipe continually, an inconvenient process. However, a one-hitter is ideal if you don’t want to carry around a vaporizer. The design ensures the clandestine use of weed. Even if it doesn’t resemble a traditional cigarette, your pipe won’t draw attention via a constant stream of smoke.

A one-hitter is excellent when your cannabis supplies are running low. It is also a practical method of making the most of the weed you have left. Here are a few other types of smokers that will benefit from a one-hitter.

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One-Hitters Add Simplicity for Medical Marijuana Patients

Some patients may self-medicate with CBD products to avoid the intoxicating effects associated with THC. However, plenty of patients would prefer to reap the benefits of all the cannabinoids in weed.

If this sounds like you, then a one-hitter could be the very thing you need! You can medicate with cannabis for the powerful medicinal benefits linked with THC. You also get CBD and the rest of the plant’s cannabinoids, without running the risk of getting high as a kite!

Advantages of Weed One-Hitters for Newbies

If you are new to the cannabis world, you may want to approach things with baby steps. Enter the marijuana one-hitter! It is ideal for those who wish to experience cannabis in all its glory, without accidentally going overboard. Over time, you will naturally build up a tolerance. If this happens, you may move on to other forms of consumption. It is also a great way to ease yourself into the “culture.”

One-Hitters for the Busy Smoker

Do you love weed, but have no time to enjoy it? Marijuana one-hitters provide a comfortable and discreet way for you to enjoy a little pot on the go!

Do you run between jobs, social events, or typically spend a lot of time rushing around? If so, a one-hitter can provide a way to get a quick hit without taking time out of your day. Simply light up, puff, and go!

What are the Benefits of Using a One-Hitter?

There are tons of ways to consume cannabis, and every method has its list of benefits. Here are some of the main pros of smoking weed with a one-hitter.



If we haven’t made it clear enough already, you can’t get much more discreet than a one-hitter pipe! Because these little devices are so quick to use, you light the end like a cigarette and enjoy a hit. Any passer-by will likely assume you are smoking a cigarette.

Not only are one-hitters designed to mimic this, but they also give off less of an odor than a joint. This is due to a lower rate of smoke production. One-hitters are also tiny, fit into your pocket with ease, and are easy to conceal.


If you’re interested in microdosing, this is an ideal way to try things out! We tell you all about the benefits of microdosing here. However, we admit it is tricky to do with joints or edibles.

Using a one-hitter to microdose your weed will ensure you are only smoking what you can fit. It certainly beats struggling to determine how much you got from a couple of joint hits. You may also prefer it to an edible.


Many users light up a regular bowl for a big smoke. Alas, they find that half the stash is now charred at the bottom of the container! It is easier than you think to waste good weed, but one-hitters reduce the possibility.

It is challenging to guess from looking how much weed you will smoke in one session. As a result, most of us tend to overcompensate and pack our bowls full. It is this rookie error that leads to leftover and unusable weed. You’ll find that it also leaves a nasty taste and smell behind with it!

Using a one-hitter, you are restricted to smoking only the amount you can fit into the device. There is minimal possibility of wasting any weed, which ensures your stash lasts much longer!

How to Make a One-Hitter Pipe

There are a few creative ways to make a one-hitter using household items. Please note that these methods come with risks. For example, thin metals and plastic include highly dangerous chemicals when heated. You release these toxins when you expose them to a warm enough temperature. Ideally, you will steer clear of any metal or plastic items.

As such, we will show you how to make a one-hitter from a cardboard toilet roll holder. You also need a glass bowl, socket, or tin foil bowl. You require a lighter and something sharp to create a hole. Here is how to do it:

  1. Poke a hole in the toilet roll holder. It is best to place the hole towards one side rather than in the center. This enables you to accumulate the smoke easier when smoking.
  2. Fit the bowl to the hole.
  3. Put the bowl in and get ready to smoke. Leave at least half an inch between the top of the bowl and the cardboard. By doing this, you won’t directly burn the cardboard. The last act is to place your weed on the bowl, and start smoking!

You can also make a one-hitter from a pen or an apple!

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How to Smoke a One-Hitter

  1. Fill the bowl-end of the device with marijuana. It is best to grind the weed a little. It is a delicate balancing act. If you don’t grind it enough, it will not burn evenly. If you grind it too fine, it may fall out when you try to light up.
  2. Press your lips against the mouth-end, light the bowl, and inhale.
  3. Hold in the smoke as long as you fancy. If you created a DIY pipe, you could discard it. If you have a store-bought device, cleaning is often as easy as tapping the bowl end. You may also need a paper towel to wipe it.

Final Thoughts on Marijuana One Hitters

As cannabis enthusiasts, we love a bit of variety. There is certainly a lot of that going around in the marijuana industry at the moment! If you’re in the market for something new, a marijuana one-hitter is potentially the way to go. Let us know in the comments section if you have tried a one-hitter. Also, what are your thoughts on this discreet way of toking up?

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