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Just How Incredible Is the Platinum Sabertooth Bong? [Review]

Sabertooth has gained a reputation for being one of the largest wholesale distributors of glass smokeware products in the United States. The company has offices dotted across the nation. It has expanded by introducing an innovative range of dabbing and marijuana smoking accessories.

The brand manufactures its products. It pledges to provide customers with premium-grade bongs, rigs, bangers, and more.

Unfortunately, Sabertooth Glass does not sell directly to retail customers. Its sole focus is on providing wholesalers with their goods. Therefore, you can only purchase a Sabertooth product from a third-party site.

The firm, founded over 20 years ago, was initially called Elevation Glass. The name changed to Sabertooth Glass in 2013. It was the first step towards growing into a major glass and smoking accessories supplier. Sabertooth grinders are hot sellers due to their excellent performance, and its bongs often come highly recommended.

Its electroformed copper and crystal infused FLAGSHIP dab rig is one of the finest on the market. Unfortunately, its cost reaches into four-figure territory! Thankfully, the brand also has plenty of affordable glassware.

What Is the Platinum Sabertooth Bong?

The Platinum Sabertooth bong is a 12” beaker bong. It consists of thick and sturdy glass, so it doesn’t break easily. It has a sleek design with a gorgeous black and white color scheme. You may wonder why this bong has a higher price tag than many in the range. It is because the two Sabertooth logos include real platinum.


You’ll also quickly realize that it is a perfect size. You can comfortably pick it up at the intersection between the tube and the base. The tube itself is perfectly straight, and it widens to form a solid base. Even the Platinum Sabertooth bong’s bowl has a dash of elegance. It resembles the diamond corks on those fancy bottles you see in an executive’s office.

There is also the option of purchasing an attachment that changes the angle of the bong. Perhaps more importantly, the attachment allows you to take some bong dabs. Typically, experienced users are not fans of bong dabs. The more water you have in the bong, the less THC you consume. This process messes with the high just a little bit!

Platinum Sabertooth Bong Performance

Many users are keen to check out how well it performs with a cannabis concentrate. One of the first things you’ll notice with the attachment is the nail height, which is ideal for torching. A basic dabbing torch is ideal, as it is so much better than a standard lighter. Your fingers stay well away from the flame. Press a button, and the fire burns continually.

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Once the nail is red hot, wait a few seconds before adding the concentrate. You can expect an extremely smooth hit! You should taste the concentrate’s flavor, and there is the bonus of having a clean new bong taste. Users won’t need to exert a great deal of energy when taking the hit. You should immediately tell the difference between the Platinum Sabertooth and a run of the mill bong.

The next question is: ‘How does this bong handle flower?’ The answer is ‘extremely well.’ When you pack the diamond bowl with high-quality weed, you should enjoy a great session. The Sabertooth bong offers a clean rip that hits the spot. You get the delicious flavor of the strain, and users say it is a genuinely enjoyable experience.

Is the Platinum Sabertooth Bong Up to Standard?

When looking for a bong, one of the first things you need to check out is the glass’s durability. The best bongs are thick, strong, and durable. A bong shouldn’t crack or shatter if you clumsily drop it on the floor. If you get stoned a lot, dropping a bong is inevitable, and manufacturers should know this.

The Platinum Sabertooth bong is exceptionally well made with thick glass. It feels substantial in your hands and is tough to break accidentally.

The base of a bong is also crucial. Beaker bongs are arguably the best design because they are sturdy and hard to knock over. Another issue is that of size. While gigantic bongs are a lot of fun, they are a pain in the ass to transport. You can bring this bong with you. At 12 inches, it isn’t huge and doesn’t come with a lot of moving parts.

Quality Is Everything

It is the quality of the hit for most bong users that means everything, and the Platinum Sabertooth bong flat out rips! Without much effort, you get a great hit, whether you use the dab accessory or the diamond bowl for ground weed.

The design is simple yet elegant. It is a matter of taste, of course. However, we believe bongs that resemble a fifth grader’s art project with more colors than a Jackson Pollock special don’t hit the right note. In contrast, the basic two-tone black and white color scheme in this bong is perfect. The colors are glossy, and the platinum Sabertooth logos on the neck and the base are ideally situated.

The ice-catcher is also a real game-changer because it allows you to use ice-cold water in your bong hits. If you’ve never tried it before, you’re missing out! For experienced bong users, a hit with chilled water on a hot summer’s day is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Yet another critical consideration is the angle of the downstem. In case you are wondering, the downstem is the bridge between the bowl and water in the piece’s main chamber. As well as affecting the water level, it also impacts the angle at which your bowl comes out. The angle of the Platinum Sabertooth bong’s downstem is just about perfect.

Final Thoughts on the Platinum Sabertooth Bong

Overall, the Platinum Sabertooth bong is an excellent piece. One thing it lacks is a tree percolator. A bong with a tree perc offers the smoke texture of a dab rig and brings out the flavor of whatever you’re smoking. However, in the Platinum Sabertooth bong, the lack of a tree perc works in its favor. It gives you the authentic ‘bong feel’ with massive bubbles and thick smoke that you feel in your lungs.

If you purchase the Platinum Sabertooth bong, it is very likely to become your bong of choice for daily use. There is no big setup, whether you want a flower or concentrate hit. It allows for a smooth and potent hit and is the right size to bring with you, while also being easy to store. We recommend that you clean this bong regularly to get the most out of it. It is above average in terms of performance, and WAY above average in terms of design!

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