Don Ballou

Don Ballou is the CEO of the Nutrahemp corporation, which is the umbrella company of the well-known CBD Essence. His lifelong study of Health & Nutrition and fitness evolved into the creation of his line of nutraceutical supplements & cannabis edibles, which can be found on the CBD Essence website.

Whether immersing himself in the latest innovations through Research & Development, pursuing a private pilot’s license, or sharing his love for Bulletproof™ coffee with his team at CBD Essence, Don’s passion for leading a healthy, active lifestyle – and helping others do the same – goes beyond his role as founder and president of NutraHemp.

After being diagnosed with ADHD and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in the 80’s, Don learned to research various health and nutrition solutions, which led to his discovery of the healing power of herbs and botanicals.

Don studied the Standard Process Vitamin and Shaklee Nutritional lines of supplements extensively, and over time he became convinced that the human body must absolutely obtain its nutrients from natural, real and wholesome, whole-food sources, or otherwise risk falling ill.

For the past 30 years, Don’s habit of continually improving his fitness and diet regime and researching nutrition has steered both his education and career. He says that his personal experience has shown him that the better the quality of food he eats – the better he feels. Ultimately he deems this experience to be his “healthy calling” which has led him to his work within the CBD industry.


Connecting his personal affinity for cannabis together with his technical background and extensive experience he has in manufacturing, Don launched his first eCommerce website, NutraHemp, in 2014.

NutraHemp is the parent company of several impressive brands including, CBD Essence, HempTaffy, HempsEssence, HempsPets, and HempChillPill. NutraHemp adheres to super strict quality control protocol and supply-chain of custody procedures. Don has confirmed that he implements military style audit protocols to ensure that products are high-quality.

Don’s passion and commitment to natural living means that his products are produced with only the purest source of CBD; sustainably-grown, medicinal-grade, and non-GMO hemp. By using only the freshest and purest ingredients possible, the company produces proper colloidal emulsions in small batches. This ensures the creation of highly bio-absorptive products that feed the endocannabinoid system with the active constituents and resins that are found in quality hemp.

When Don isn’t developing new products, working out, or studying, he enjoys playing golf, traveling, or spending time with his wife and three children at his home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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